Crave Photography Giveaway

I crave the kind of photography that makes you go {sigh}. But tulips rarely move, so conceivably, one could walk around a tulip and shoot it all day long from every conceivable angle at every conceivable setting until a person could … conceivably … achieve that {sigh} level. It’s not that easy with people. Which is […]

New! & Improved!

Today I’m proving to myself that I am teachable. I’m posting pictures that I absolutely adore, but also happen to be terribly flawed. You don’t get better without acknowledging that there’s room for improvement, right? I’m sure Tide would be out of business by now if it weren’t for their ever-evolving New! & Improved! formulas. So […]


That’s just a grabber. This is nothing like the movie, unless you count my daily thyroid pill. Way back in the 1980’s, when people could kick it in purple legwarmers without worrying about anyone snapping an embarrassing shot through the smudged lens of an iPhone, there was a girl who conned her dad into buying […]