That’s just a grabber. This is nothing like the movie, unless you count my daily thyroid pill.

Way back in the 1980’s, when people could kick it in purple legwarmers without worrying about anyone snapping an embarrassing shot through the smudged lens of an iPhone, there was a girl who conned her dad into buying her a camera.

And darkroom equipment.

And then continued to con said father into renovating his tool shop into said darkroom. Wow, what a guy, right?

Fast forward nearly three decades (see? that’s the limitless part. I took the pill and now I can do stuff like that.) I’m still taking pictures, only now my darkroom isn’t so dark and it smells way better.

There are lots of things I cannot do.

I cannot train a dog.

I cannot make a flower grow.

I can no longer con my dad into doing stuff for me (he lives too far away.)

But my camera and my darkroom make me limitless.

This will be the place where I hang my pictures up to dry.

It will look like my dog is trained.

It will appear as if flowers are growing and I will show my dad his generosity was worthwhile.

Since this is a beginning, I’ll start by making flowers grow right here on the page. That dog shot will take a little longer.

Flower Bucket

Old Market Flower Bucket

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