A Maundy Thursday Miracle

I have been to Heaven and it looks something like this:

This is my teenager’s cell phone. Please sit down before you read the next line, because if you have teenagers it might come as a bit of a shock.

His hands are not holding it.

They are not thumbing the buttons into submission.

They are not tapping that indecipherable tribal teen beat.

No, this phone sits silently on the table.

Not only that, but he isn’t. even. in. the. ROOM.

What’s even better than Bo relinquishing the phone?

The fact that I didn’t make him do it.

That’s right. It’s Spring Break. Children throughout the land have one week of freedom to text wantonly into the wee hours if that is how they see fit to spend their hard earned time off.

And if you check your cell phone bill, you’ll confirm it is.

But Bo isn’t.

And before you begin worrying about his well-being, no, he’s not sick and no, he hasn’t lost his thumbs in an unfortunate extreme bowling accident.

I would have told you about that.

Bo has another reason for leaving the phone behind:

Thank heaven for the teeniest tiniest of miracles.

P.S. And please God don’t let them be thinking about anything other than baking cookies or I swear I will go all Sister Maripat Donovan on them. I will.

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