Crave Photography Giveaway

I crave the kind of photography that makes you go {sigh}.

But tulips rarely move, so conceivably, one could walk around a tulip and shoot it all day long from every conceivable angle at every conceivable setting until a person could … conceivably … achieve that {sigh} level.

It’s not that easy with people.

Which is why I’m crossing all my fingers and a few toes in the hopes that I win this 2 day all expense paid private workshop with Crave Photography. She is offering one lucky aspiring professional the opportunity to spend two days learning the business, marketing, the ins and outs of metering, posing, camera settings, stylized photo shoots, lens selection, post processing, plus waaaayy more.

Please please please please please please let it be me!

But, if it can’t be me, maybe it’ll be you.

I’ll try to be happy for you. I promise.

If you enter, come back and tell me about it. I don’t have any freebies for you, I just want to size up my competition.

And if you win, you’d better come back here and share what you learned! Hurry, it’s all over April 26th!

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