All About Moving Mountains

I’m all about taking life by the horns this week. As opposed to last week when I was whispering into the soft, furry ear of laziness saying, “You. Me. Let’s go find someplace quiet and take a nap.”

And the horns I’m talking about do not belong to this lovely lady:


In the process of effectively bringing Hannah’s core body temperature down into the range which will allow her organs to be preserved for future generations to study…


…I rediscovered a wonderful thing that I needed reminding of. Beautiful images can be found pretty much anytime, anywhere. And at any temperature. You just have to get up and go take them.


I don’t need no stinkin’ studio. I just need to buy stock in hand warmers.


“Trying is the first step towards failure.” Homer Simpson

“And Jesus said unto them … , ‘If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed,
… nothing shall be impossible to you.'”
Romans 1:17

Sure, Homer has his time and place, but Jesus is my homeboy particularly where motivation and inspiration are concerned.

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