Beautiful Imperfection


We’re on vacation for a bit (if you lived in a place without Chick Fil-A, then you’d probably make it a part of your next vacation too) and while I’m carrying my big camera and lenses most places, there are two reasons why I’ve decided to challenge myself to take better pictures with my phone.  Here they are:

1. Because I enjoy regaling my friends and family with tales from the road on Facebook. It’s like they’re along for the ride without anyone asking if we can stop at the world’s largest ball of mud. Wait, I’m the one who wanted to see that.

2. I hate it when I forget what it was that made that particular moment special. Immediate upload forces me to write a short and (hopefully) clever cutline for each image I post. That’s at least twice as much effort than I put into most vacation photos, how about you?

3. Because if I can make beautifully imperfect images with the limitations (and boundless possibilities) of my phone, then maybe I can make beautifully imperfect images with my Chick Fil-A napkin and a crayon.

I know that’s 3, not the aforementioned 2 reasons. Behold, my first example of beautiful imperfection. There will be more to come, I assure you!

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