Neverending Story: A Photoshop Tale

Do you ever get the feeling that you could go on editing certain pictures forever and never really feel like you’re done?

That’s just me? Oh.

Well anyway, just recently I took a second look at one of my more blah vacation pictures. It was a hazy day when our cruise took off from Venice, Italy last year. (Notice I said “hazy” and not foggy. Foggy is romantic. Hazy is the decidedly¬†unromantic cousin of fog.)

So I started with this rather unimpressive little gem:

And if I remember correctly, my eyes thought it was pretty awesome when I took the picture. The different heights of the buildings along the water, the curve of the land, the boats speeding by, the little bridge on the right, all of it was so amazing. But in reality, once I got it on the big screen it was horribly flat and undramatic.

How could I possibly avoid a complete snoozefest during our vacation slide show with pictures like this?

I couldn’t. So, I tweaked it a little and got this:

That added a little more depth and removed much of the haze, but it ended up emphasizing my poor composition. That cruise ship on the left is totally throwing this shot off balance.

So, after the crop, it was slightly better, but as much as I was disappointed in the haze, I sort of wanted it back. At least in parts of the image.

Now, that really draws the eye where I want it to go, but the colors aren’t really singing to me.

And this is when I made a critical decision.

I got rid of them.

~The End.~

3 thoughts on “Neverending Story: A Photoshop Tale

  1. You’re right. Hazy is a particular problem. Though I would advise to be careful about how far to go with photoshop. I think that the best you got was the third picture.

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