Historical Irony

Historical irony: A kind of situational irony that takes a long period of years for the irony to become evident. (Wikipedia)

Oh Peanut Butter & Jelly on Wonder Bread! There hasn’t been a moment on God’s green earth that’s made our youngest son happier than when I found this picture of his older brother.

Circa 2004

As many of you know, our kids are almost 7 years apart. Oftentimes we forget how much alike they are, especially when we’re watching one prepare for college and tryout for varsity sports while the other still thinks girls have cooties and is deciding whether he should trade his Quilava Pokemon card for a Garados. More than just 7 years, they can be a universe apart at times.

Circa 2011

And then came the day when their young selves collided like a loaf of French bread into a bucket of Nutella. Right into awesomeness.

Historical Irony

The boys are approximately the same age when these shots were taken and I love them like I love getting a real letter in the mailbox.

6 thoughts on “Historical Irony

  1. These are precious. Funny how they look so much alike yet we wouldn’t have seen that without the photographs. You have an amazing talent!

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