Oh no you didn’t

Oh yes she did. Remember this post? And this one? I thought I had my Pioneer Woman habit kicked until I saw this:

In the metamorphosis of my photography lifetime, I’ve gone from shooting solely black and white film, to selectively coloring bits and pieces of my black and whites, to concluding black and white is totally 90’s, to trying my hand at sepia tones. But, at no time in that period of almost 30 years – I got my first SLR when I was an early teen busy arriving at the conclusion that I’d probably suck at everything forever – I never really gave up on black and white. Sometimes you need a good monochrome image to get how vivid things really are.

Which should explain why, when P-Dub throws down a black and white challenge, I am sucked back into her vortex like Splashdown in The Incredibles.

So, after untangling my cape from the jet turbine, I posted my entry. This monochrome beauty has been sitting on my hard drive for a couple of years just waiting for a moment in the sun. It’s titled Afternoon at the Vatican. Perfect for a slow moving Sunday, I think.

Afternoon at the Vatican`

Of all the days that’s in the week
I dearly love but one day
And that’s the day that comes betwixt
A Saturday and Monday.
~Henry Carey

4 thoughts on “Oh no you didn’t

  1. I’m also addicted to the PW–I hope to see your B&W submission on her site in the coming days! By the way, I love your photography–the pictures of the little girl in the red dress, the high school senior pics–they’re all gorgeous.

    • Thanks! I’d love to see my BW shot on her site too. I’ve been trying to quit her for months, but just when I think I’m done I get pulled back in. Hmm…worked in two movie references in one comment. I think I’ll get a lottery ticket today.
      Thanks again!

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