Don’t Start With Me

I don’t like to start stuff.

In fact, this particular blog post took several hours and more than a couple cups of coffee to start.

I should probably also mention the two loaves of banana bread that are now cooling on my counter due to this particular bout of blogcrastination.

I don’t like to start stuff because Stuff inevitably snowballs into bigger Stuff and bigger Stuff makes my life difficult. If you avoid the actual Starting of Stuff from the very beginning, then you avoid the Problem altogether.

Take My Advice and Don’t Start:

– Cleaning out the fridge. Because you’ll then realize the freezer needs it too.

– Taking the car in for the check engine light. Because that’s how you’ll find out it has a massive exhaust leak.

– Taking a casual nature walk around a lake. Because when you’re halfway around you’ll find a map informing you that this particular lake is six miles in circumference.

objects in mirror are larger than they appear.

And these are just the things I started this week.

But I started one other thing too.

I finally took the first step on a project I’d built up in my mind as being huge! gigantic! and almost insurmountable! In doing so, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the first step was the hardest one.

The next step will be easy. The step after that will actually be fun and all the steps after that will fly by as if I’d broken into a run.

because walking is boring.

I’ll be sharing details about this exciting project once it gets off the ground, but in the meantime, I want to hear what kind of crazy surprises you’ve had lately. And please don’t tell me you have a massive exhaust leak too. My husband has already seen me cry once this week.

6 thoughts on “Don’t Start With Me

  1. You are going to LOVE this project and it will be SO incredibly worth the time and effort you put in…..YOU GOT A GET OUT OF JAIL FREE CARD!!!! 🙂 Your giving heart is inspiring to me and lots of others. SO glad to know you….you make us all better people.

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