Is My Indecisiveness Showing?

Are you familiar with Groupon? The coupon site that pushes teeth whitening and pedicures like carnies pushing the duck game?

Well, after wading through daily emails for massage and dance class discounts, I actually found something I couldn’t pass up. It’s a coupon for $45 for a 16×20 gallery wrapped canvas. These things normally aren’t cheap, so I jumped on it.

I’ve been wanting a canvas for above the fireplace ever since the day I found out we were getting a house with a fireplace.

The thing is, I bought this discount a few months ago and it’s getting ready to expire.

Like, tomorrow.

Why, you’re wondering, did I let it sit so long?

Well, I may not have let this slip before, but can be a bit indecisive.

For example, when we get popcorn and candy at the movie theater, I put the candy in the popcorn so I don’t have to choose between the two.

So, with 24 hours to spare, I’m going to let you choose which canvas I should get. Once you take a look at the images I’ve narrowed it down to, I think you’ll understand my chronic indecisiveness a bit better.


A. Put Me In Coach - I love this one because it thoroughly exemplifies to me how much my #2 son idolizes my #1 son.

Grand Marnier

B. The Grand Marnier & Eiffel Tower - This was taken from the window of our hotel room on our first trip to Paris. I was in awe thinking every room in Paris had this view. I found out that assumption was woefully inaccurate on our subsequent trips to Paris, when I did not find it necessary to take pictures of the view from our room.

Cycle Chase Car

C. Cycle Chase Car in The Netherlands - My husband is "into" cycling like Cookie Monster is "into" cookies. This would be the epitome of cool for him.


D. Eiffel Tower in the Trees - I love the way it's framed by the early spring branches.

Vatican Dome

E. Vatican Dome - I absolutely love the blue-greens and peaches here. My only hesitation is, when it's cropped to fit the 16x20, much of that color at the top gets chopped off. Maybe this one would just be better as a 24x36.


(Sorry the horizontal ones are so small, it’s not that I like them any less, it’s just the layout of the blog.)

I can’t wait to hear what you think!

P.S. I just noticed that they’re offering another canvas deal right now! At this rate, maybe all five of them will get made. Or, maybe our family portrait should be next? Geez, I wonder which one of those I’ll pick?

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