Tristan Goes to the Park

Once upon a time Tristan went to the park with his Mama. She wanted to show him all the beautiful things in nature.

First, she let him feel the grass with his toes.

Let's Go!

He liked it so much, she let him feel it with his fingers.

Comfy Here

It was such a magical day, he thought he might float away!

Tristan's Take Off

But, then his Mama gently reminded him that he belonged right there with her.

Surrounded By Love

A Nap in the Forest

Love My Mama

And there he stayed until the rustling leaves sang him softly to sleep.

Sleepy Time

~ The End ~

11 thoughts on “Tristan Goes to the Park

  1. I may be biased, but he is the MOST DARLING baby EVER!!!! Great job on these, Bobbi! I knew you’d get him perfectly! Thank you sooooo much!!!

  2. Oh my gosh, Bobbi, I can’t believe how good these are! I LOVE them all – but especially the one in the basket. I had no idea you were such a pro!!!!! Can we order any? Thank you so much for doing this – Norma

    • Well, thank you for having such a photogenic family! Yes, you can order them. I’m editing the rest now (there were waaay too many good ones) and I will send a link so you can order. I’m glad you like them!

  3. What beautiful pictures of Tristan and Kelly. I love the story idea too. Great job great pictures of a great family! Grandma Rosie *I would like to order as well. Thanks.

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