On Harry Potter and the First Day of Fall


One awesome summer day, back when I was young and edgy (that’s right, I said edgy), someone asked me what my favorite season was.

I popped my collar and replied, Fall, of course, thinking edgy-me would be the only person on the planet to pick the chilly and wet dawn of winter as their favorite season.

Besides, everyone knows all the mainstream (i.e., not edgy like me) Midwestern girls pick summer because winters around here are long and agonizing like the seventh Harry Potter book minus Harry.

And Hermione.

And Ron.

It’s just you and Neville Longbottom huddled together, waiting out the blizzard in a stone cold castle.

And we all know he can’t play Quidditch worth an owl’s butt.

But nowadays, it seems like everybody loves Fall.

I’m not so self-absorbed to believe they’re all copying me (and my husband confirms this in no uncertain terms.) So, I have no choice but to blame global warming. Summers around here have become marathons on the equator and, with apologies to my running friends, who honestly wants to run a marathon even on a good day?

Which brings us to Goody Two-Shoes Spring, all flowers and bunnies and worms on the sidewalk. Geez, who wouldn’t choose Spring after a Neville Longbottom Winter? Spring is such an obvious choice for favorite that I believe I saw it written that only those with verifiable residency in a desert state or Alaska are allowed to claim it.

So cough it up. Vote for your favorite season. I’m still all in for Fall. It’s okay if you want to be cool and edgy like me. I totally get it.

When you’re all done voting, let me know in the comments what’s your favorite part of Fall. Mine is pulling out my cardigans. There’s nothing like a cozy sweater to make you want to bake cookies, then sit down with a book and devour the first batch before the kids come in.

10 thoughts on “On Harry Potter and the First Day of Fall

  1. I’m definitely with you on fall. Unfortunately, here in Austin there are only two seasons: warm and hot. I miss the autumns of my youth growing up in the Midwest – the smells of burning wood fires and decomposing leaves, the cool breeze, the cold nights … Love the photo at top, good job!

    • Thank you! We lived in California for a while and it was wonderful, but I really did miss the changing of the seasons. We’ll start smelling the wood burning stoves around here soon. Fall covers all the senses!

      • We do have seasons here in coastal Northern California, they are just laid out differently and are more subtle. We have two springs for instance, the first coming in the heart of winter (usually some time in January), turning everything green and bringing shy, delicate wildflowers and wet drippy mushrooms. It only lasts for a couple of weeks, but it is faithful. This is probably my favorite season (at least today), the hidden unknown season that few people suspect even exists. (Although John Muir did write about it)

      • Galen – So you have your own season! Cool. We lived on the Central Coast where the weather was 65 and foggy most days, unless you crossed east of Highway 101 where it was like stepping from a cool pool into a dry sauna. Then there was that distinct change in June (which we called the June Gloom) when the fog wouldn’t part until 2 or 3pm and it would roll back in at 6pm. We loved the agriculture and the beach and the mountains. California had it all, but it didn’t have Fall. 🙂

  2. I love anything and everything about Fall – if it’s related to Fall and the dropping temperatures, I love it!!

    Love your references to Harry Potter – those are the only books I’ve read (and I’ve read them all) in the last decade!

  3. October has always been my favorite month. So Fall is my season. It seems the time to gather what is needed for winter. Can tomatoes, freeze corn, put the potatoes in the cellar. Do the fall cleaning, air out the house every day. All in preparation winter.

  4. I’m torn between Summer and Fall. Summer because of the beautiful things growing and green and getting rid of the ugly, bleak look of winter. Fall because of the better fishing and the beautiful colors coming out of the trees sheading their leaves and getting all naked for winter. You would think they would keep their clothes on and at least try to keep warm.

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