31 Days

So, as many of you are probably unaware, tomorrow is the first day of October.

You’re welcome.

There’s a reason I’m pointing that out, however. Some of the blogs I read often are starting a challenge called 31 Days of ______ (housekeeping, grammar rules, design tips, butterfly wrangling, whatever.) No matter what the topic, each day of October will be about changing, learning and growing.

I considered this intriguing idea for awhile, but the Slacker in me couldn’t really get a handle on it. I mean really, after 40, who wants to change, learn and grow? It’s more like lather, rinse, repeat up in here.

But after awhile, I stuffed Slacker back into his Members Only jacket, zipped it up nice and tight and sent him packing. That moment I decided I’d participate in 31 Days of…

Six Word Memoirs.

Yes, I’m fully aware that I’ve already more than quintupled my limited supply explaining this to you.

Ha! But it’s still September!

So there.

For those of you not familiar with Six Word Memoirs there’s a great explanation on NPR. Click here to read and listen. They can be highly amusing and thoughtful, but I don’t guarantee mine will be.

I’m going to cheat a little bit and include pictures, but essentially each day of October, aside from the title, will be six words on my day, my dog’s day, the pollen count, who made me laugh on Modern Family … whatever comes up.

The next 31 days will be a challenge for me, because if you haven’t already noticed, I’m not a super-duper regular poster and when I do finally get around to posting, I like to use words.

Words are my friends.

FAIL! that’s only 4.

If you want to read the post that got me started, click here.

If you decide you want to join in, please let me know so I can be sure to tune in to your 31 Days too!

If you decide to comment (and I would LOVE it if you did!), challenge yourself by using ONLY SIX WORDS. To quote my youngest: “But make it good.”

Click here to see a compilation of all 31 Days posts to date.

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