Hello November!

I’m sure I’m not alone when I say I’m happy as a bird with a french fry to be done with October. It was probably one of the busiest months ever. And keeping up with my commitment to the 31 Days Project was intense. Those six words were agony! I mean really, six words a day? Only teenage boys communicate that little. <<< Six Words right there.

Now that I can say more than 6 words, I’m excited to tell you about my new “job”. I use quotes because it’s not really work, but I get paid, so that’s the only word that fits.

I’m one of the newest hospital photographers for Bella Baby Photography. We photograph newborns and their families before they leave the hospital. Now, before you make the face (you know, the face that judges me for taking baby mugshots that may only be considered beautiful to a farsighted Grandma with a broken lamp) you should know it’s oh-so different these days!

I really wish I could dig up my oldest son’s hospital picture for comparison. It’s burned into my memory like a bad car accident though, so bear with me while I describe it.

First off, he was mad. We can now trace the moment he perfected the teenage scowl he uses to indicate his brother smells or he doesn’t like what we’re having for supper or we’ve just said something incredibly stupid. It was the second they took that picture.

His talons (what we called his fingers until they started looking more human) clawed at his face like a swarm of mosquitoes were feasting on his cheeks.

And to top it off, his skin was the color of the crowd at a Husker home game with a tinge of yellow to it and the flash from the camera had left his eyes looking rather Mike Tyson-ish.

My poor baby was the red Angry Bird wrapped in a flowery blue blanket.

But times, they are a-changin’!

Let’s all pause a moment to thank the dear Lord (and Steve Jobs) for even the tiniest of advances (technological and otherwise). Today, photographers are shooting largely without flash in the baby’s rooms, they’re taking more time to make it as natural as possible and the families are included in the moment. All that results in images that will be cherished forever.

There’s a reason I can’t find my son’s newborn picture. Unlike the copy I keep in my memory, it must be buried deep in a box somewhere, with no hope of seeing the light of day. I don’t think that will happen with these.

8 thoughts on “Hello November!

  1. I can dig up a few of those mugshots. They are buried deep in a box somewhere here too. I wish I could be gophering with you on your Bella days. *sigh* I love where newborn photography has gone these last few years, capturing those first moments with their loving parents…and you will do that beautifully, Bobbi.

  2. Glad to hear you are enjoying your “job”, and getting paid also. Almost as good as driving a schoolbus on the morning run. Most kids are still half asleep and for the most part quiet for most of the trip. They start to liven up just before we get to their respective schools and I let them off to scamper into the play ground and contend with the class bullies.

  3. “happy as a bird with a french fry” I love it! Your words give wonderful images that satisfy visual learners! I go back to that over and over. Never saw that written by anyone else! You are amazing!

  4. Bobbi, congrats! What a great opportunity. Love the newborn photo you posted; just gorgeous. What a lifelong gift for those families! Hope all’s well.

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