Finding Inspiration

I was inspired this morning by this lady who actually has a knack for inspiring me quite often. She posts even when she doesn’t have much to say and is so kind and thoughtful that I’d like her to be my neighbor. I’m not sure right now which one I’d replace, but I’d find room for her. She takes pictures daily, even when the weather stinks (she’s in Wisconsin, so it stinks often), and finds constant inspiration in her children. If I had her gorgeous girls, I bet I’d be more inspired too.

So even though projects are looming and laundry is tumbling, I felt compelled to get these off my chest:

Around One Table

Silly, but I love seeing us all around one table.

We didn’t have Thanksgiving on Thursday like normal people. Friday was the day that worked for us and it was the perfect excuse for why we weren’t at Kohl’s fighting over the last pair of “jeggings” at 4AM.

Because of our backwards schedule, we had time on Thursday to enjoy the opening of the old/new bridge in town.

And because it was the warmest Thanksgiving we could ever remember, we brought the bikes.


Apparently the paved trails weren't enough for this kid.

Thrill Ride

This is the same look he has on his face when Caleb drives the car too.

Old Meridian Bridge

Then it was off to try out the pedestrian bridge. It's been here since 1924, creating the final link on the highway between Mexico City and Winnipeg. Might be fun to drive that sometime.

New Bridge at Sunset

This is the new driving bridge, just down the river from the old one. I wonder when they constructed it if they knew how pretty it would be at sunset?

New Bridge

Love the colors in this one. Sigh.

I hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving! I’m starting to feel like I’m the only Christian on earth without Christmas lights up already. Is this true?

One thought on “Finding Inspiration

  1. I love this. The pictures are beautiful and the story of a family is precious! I am grateful to you for compiling our fun for the whole family to reflect on! You are surely one of a kind.

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