Family Photography | Omaha NE

Once upon a time there was a couple. They were blessed with a baby girl and then a baby boy. Once the babies came, time flew. In fact, some days the calendar turned faster than a tricycle wheel. Before long, the kids grew to be tall… …and beautiful. The pictures on the walls, all chubby […]

Scooby Doo and the Super Collider

To my left is my trusty sidekick. She sleeps. Deeply. There’s a slight snore coming from her direction and one foot paws the air in slow motion as if she were running on clouds. To my right is someone else’s trusty sidekick. She sleeps like Jason Bourne. One eye open. I could tell this morning […]

Why I Don’t Have the Attendance Office on Speed Dial

The oldest announced this morning with a low grumble and a lame cough that he has a sore throat and asked if he could possibly stay home from school today. Now, you may not be aware that I am not only a card carrying Attendance Tyrant of the First Order, but I’m also a specially […]