In Defense of the French Fry

I was listening to the radio recently and they were talking about the Happy Meal Scandal. You know, the battle over eliminating toys and adding apples.

It sounds kind of absurd when you say it out loud, so don’t.

Because I was stuck at about the 23rd minute of my 55 minute commute to work, my mind began to wander. Who were these people opposing this idea and were any of them voting age? Are first-graders Mobilizing Against McDonald’s Apples (that’s right, MAMA) with the use of imo, and if so, shouldn’t we shift our focus to dealing with this out-of-control Kindle Fire Generation?

I came to the conclusion at about minute 39 of 55 that Happy Meal toys are really only on a detour through the backseat of your car to the trash can anyway. Something like this:

Yes, that pink My Pretty Pony survived 7 years under the front seat of our car.

Judging on the french fry nest it had made for itself, it’d been living pretty high on the hog for almost a decade, too.

The question must be posed, however:

How long would it have lasted on a diet of apples?

In conclusion:
1. I love french fries.
2. The manes on My Pretty Ponies are shinier when you pet them with greasy fingers.
3. If you’re going to fight for something, make sure you really like apples first.

That is all. Happy Friday!

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