About Me

I’m a photographer living near Omaha, Nebraska with my #1 Fan (aka, my husband), two sons, a camera-shy dog and a hole in my heart where a hypo-allergenic cat would go. I take pictures, write and collect things that are cable knit.

I’ve gone from editing with light and chemicals to editing with a mouse and expensive software. My first camera at the age of 13 was a used Pentax with a genuine leather case and a fixed 50mm lens. Who knew nearly 30 years later I’d be still be attached to that 50mm lens.

When not wondering why I got an English degree, chauffeuring children or ruining perfectly good chicken, I am sweeping the stones around me, uncovering beauty with my camera.

Got something to say? Want your picture taken? Email me at unsweptstone(at)gmail(dot)com.

8 thoughts on “About Me

  1. I recognize that pantax camera that the little girl is using in your shot . That was your first SLR as I recall. Makes me feel a little bit responsible for your fantastic progress in your photographic success which is evident in the beautiful images you have show. Your Dad

  2. Perhaps one day genetic engineering will be able to fill that hole in your heart. I just discovered your blog and I’m enchanted by your 31 Day project. Kudos.

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